How to earn XP potions & snacks for pets in Coin Master? How to get free XP potions and pet snacks for pets in Coin Master?

How to earn XP potions for pets (Foxy, Tiger and Rhino) in Coin Master? 

Similarly, like snacks one can get XP potions in various following ways 

  1. Buying it with real cash. 
  1. By completing the various card sets, like Scotland card set will get you 35,000 pet potions, on the completions of Cyber cowboys card set you will get 100,000 pet potions, Swiss card set will provide you 45,000 pet potions, similarly Gnomes and China sets will fetch 12000 and 15000 pet potions respectively. Additionally, card sets like SherlockCamping and Space will make your pet levels richer 25,000, 20,000 and 5000 XP potions respectively 
  1. By winning various events and finishing in top 10 of tournaments you get XP potions in reward, higher you finished in the tournament the more potions you get .
  1. By building village during village master event coin master gifts you extra reward in the form of coins, spins and XP potions so keep in mind to accumulate coins and build village during village master event to score some additional points in the form of spins, XP potions and coins 
  1. During the Vikings event by completing each task you are entitled to win certain XP potions and only the last task can fetch you enormous 75000 XP potions along with coins, spins and a golden card 

There are 3 types of pets namely Foxy, Tiger & Rhino representing three critical aspects of the game raid, attack, and block respectively. We always have to keep in mind that pets will only help us if they are awake, if we feed a pet with a snack it stays awake for 4 hours and again it sleeps, lets discuss each of the pets in detail 

How to get free pet snacks and XP potions for pets in Coin Master? 

There are many other ways to get pet snacks apart from completing above mentioned selected village set and Wait a bit event where once in 24 hours you can activate your pet for 15 minutes. One such instance is by winning various tournaments which coin master starts for few hours preferably in the range of 6 hours to 24 hours, so if you finish in top 3 you will be entitled to open a special box which always contain some pet snacks in the range of 2-5, so we should also focus on these tournaments as well and not just blindly focus only on completing villages because at the later stages this strategies will come handy when completing a village will cost billions of coin, for instance to completely build village number 150 will cost you 24 billion coins 

  1. Tournament gifts & prizes: – There are various kind of tournaments like The Rose Tournaments, The Heart Tournament and many more are there because every time Coin Master comes with very interesting and attractive tournaments with attractive prizes. 
  1. During Village Master event: – During this event if you are completing any village then Coin Master gives you extra and more attractive prizes in which pet XP potions are also included. 
  1. During Vikings quest by completing each mission you get rewards in which XP potions are also included by Coin Master. 
  1. Through completing few cards sets you can get extra pet snacks and XP potions as you can see in the image. 
  1. During Attack Master event: – During this event if you are completing any task given by this event you get rewards by Coin Master and in rewards sometimes you also rewarded by XP potions. 

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