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Coin Master: Started in 2016, created by Israeli game studio Moon active, the game in the initial period itself marked space on its own in the already fiercely fought gaming world and earned the name of one of the finest stress buster interactive games. It’s a single-player game and doesn’t involve any complexities of involving multi-player, where you just spin to hit the various types of jackpots and get a feel of actually playing a real-life lottery game in a game bar or for that matter in a casino. The game is available in-app store and google play stores for iPhone and Android users respectively, noting the point your favorite game has already 100 million + downloads, and one can fairly judge the popularity of the game by just noting the fact that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Scott Disick have tried out the coin master and have endorsed the game across various platforms and in different capacities, not to forget the contributions of Ben Higgins and Chris Harrison in making the game popular among the masses, recently coin master crossed 10 million + likes in its official Facebook page as on June 2020, talking about the masses and popularity coin master was ranked in the top 20 of the acclaimed Top 50 Developers/Top 50 mobile game makers list published by in October 2019. Further coin master surpassed widely popular “Candy Crush Saga” game as the top-grossing game and claimed the first spot on both App Store and Google Play Store in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

coin master
Celebrities who endorsed Coin Master in various platforms

Along with popularity, Coin master has garnered commercial success as well for the makers’ Moon active which is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. The entity has also developed games like Wonder Ball Heroes, Bitter Sam, Super Sam, Super Sam Adventures. As of October 2019, the coin master game already grossed 508 million US dollars in gross revenue for the makers and according to the website OMR (Online Marketing Rockstars), Moon Active earned 280 million US dollars by the same period from the game. 85 percent of the net revenues came from The United States of America, United Kingdom, and Germany combined, in which over 270 million US dollars were contributed by the USA alone. Coin master is fairly spreading its global reach especially in Europe wherein the United Kingdom the game saw a massive spike in the popularity and garnered a revenue in excess of 80 million US dollars whereas Germany positioned itself not too far behind, at the third-place, raking in 52 million US dollars. Moon active also pulled attention from investors from the tech industry, for an instance, Israeli based venture capitalist Gigi Levy-Weiss is among the Moon active’s biggest shareholders who is also a former CEO of Gibraltar based online Casino company, other investors also include CEO and Founder of digital market intelligence company SimilarWeb Limited Or Offer. Moshe Hogeg, an Israeli based Blockchain entrepreneur has also a stake in the company through its venture capital fund Singulariteam Limited. 

List of all games by MOONACTiVE, including iOS games and Android games.

Game NameRelease DateDownload SizeAge Platform
Coin Master11 Dec 2010192.32 MB12+In both
Wonderball Heroes27 May 2014138.81 MB4+In Both
Bitter Sam15 March 201223.82 MB4+In Both
Super Sam23 Oct 201354 MB4+Only in iOS
Super Sam Adventures22 Jan 201454.17 MB4+Only in iOS

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