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What are ATTACKS in Coin Master? 

Attacks, which are represented with the aid of Hammers on the slots in the Game are a way for gamers to earn cash whilst additionally including tasks to their friends’ quests to end their villages in Coin Master. 

When you land an Attack on the slot machine, the sport will routinely transport you to a village of a random participant or friend, and there you will have the choice to both assaults that participant or pick out any individual else from your “Friends” or “Revenge” lists which are displayed at the pinnacle of the screen.   

Coin Master

A pal is concentrated on me with attacks in Coin Master

Players who have many spins are capable to play constantly and land many motion objects (Attacks / Raids) in quick intervals of time. Unlike with raids, gamers have the alternative to pick who they attack. 

Aside from asking this buddy to stop, they can additionally be eliminated from your recreation by using unfriending them on Facebook. Please be aware that after unfriending any individual it can take up to 24 hours till the friends’ listing is updated, and at some stage in this time that buddy will nevertheless be in a position to engage with you in the game.   

Coin Master


Now we will discuss Coin Master’s new tournament known as Attack Madness. 

Friends, inform me how to play this event, earlier than that I desire to tell you that if you do now not have 30000 spins or even much less spins, then sincerely examine me submit first. 

Attack Madness Event 

Friends, in Coin Master, you have two such activities which are the most important, one is assault insanity and the different is raid madness. 

Let us now discuss how to play the Attack Madness event. 

Friends, there is an assault in the coin master, it comes as soon as in at least 15 spins, however, we understand that every now and then these assaults every so often come quickly, now and again they attain 25 spins, then the most essential aspect is that when do they take place and when do they happen, when do they come forward? 

If you recognize this then you can play this match with right profit. 

Coin Master

How to play this event and What are the prizes in this event will discuss below, 

Always do 7 spins from x1, there is no assault at the beginning, so do 5 spins at x20, then do 5 spins at x40, then 5 spins at x80 and ultimately at x100. 

X1 – 7 spins 

X20 – 5 spins 

X40 – 5 spins 

X80 – 5spins 

X100 – auto 

If you get an assault on x100 capacity after 25 spins, then you will get an assault in advance of it, so after that attack, begin spins with x40. 

Here I am giving you the listing of this match which is unique for extraordinary spins. 

Attack Madness 

01 me 50 Event List 

1.     50 spin 

2.     a hundred and fifty m coin 

2.     200m coin 

5.     one hundred fifty spin 

6.     600m coin 

2.     3k xp 

9.     800m coin 

15.   250spin 

10.   6k xp 

25.   2b coin 

30.   five hundred Spin 

25.   15k xp 

40.   3B 

45.   800spin 

35.   18k xp 

90.    6.5B 

160.  2800 Spin 

325.  20B Coin 

450.  7500 Spin 

575.  30B 

750.  13000 Spin 

1200. 500k xp 

Attack insanity list 

02 me sixty-five List 

2 – sixty-five spin 

3 – one hundred twenty-five M 

3 – 150m 

08 – 200 spin 

10 – 450M 

15- 3.3K XP 

25 – 600m 

15 – 325 spin 

50 – 650M 

40 – 17K XP 

65 – 2.2B 

70 – one thousand Spin 

55.  20K XP 

140  5B Coin 

250- 3600 Spin 

500 – 15B 

Attack insanity list 

02 me seventy-five List 

2 – seventy-five spin 

4 – 250 M 

4 – 300 m 

10 – 225 spin 

12 – 1B 

4 – 4.5K XP 

20 – 1.2B 

30 – 375 spin 

20 – 9k XP 

50 – 3B 

60 – 750 spin 

50 – 25K XP 

80 – 4.5B 

90 – 1200 Spin 

70.  25K XP 

180. 9.7B Coin 

325. 4200 Spin 

Attack insanity list 

04 me 100 

4 – one hundred s 

8 – 250m 

8 – 350m 

20 – 300s 

25 – 1b 

8 – 5.5 okay XP 

35-  1.5 b 

65 – 500s 

40 – 11k XP 

100 – 3.5 b 

120 – 1000s 

100 – 25k XP 

160 – 5.5b 

180- 1600s 

140 – 30k XP 

350 – 11.7 b 

650 – 5500s 

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