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Viking Quest is on for anyone with village 50 or over in Coin master. If you are low on cash my recommendation is simply to play till you get the first gold card. This mustn’t fee you a lot of coins. If you prefer to go to the 2nd gold, the first stack a lot of cash and play the final stage wisely! This means after a bonus wheel decreases your wager for about 12-20 spins and then maximize. This will enhance your risk to beat the Viking Quest enormously! 


How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master? 

Here’s how you can win Viking quest in Coin Master 

Play Cool at First 

You can play cool & calm at first due to the fact they themselves let you play without difficulty & let you win the cash earlier than the storm comes. 

They supply you cash on the bonus wheel without problems in the first 5 tiers so you can play cool at first. No worries. It is stage 6 from the place the actual quest begins! 

Bring the Bet Back & Forth at some point of Viking Quest 

You have to wager cautiously in the bonus wheel in the course of the Viking quest. Betting blindly will price you as an alternative than gaining you the coins. So, here’s what you want to do in order to win big: 

When you attain the sixth degree in the bonus wheel, strive making a bet at the lowest range first & after one spin, elevate to something medium. 

For instance, if you are making a bet at 1,000,000, elevate it to 5,000,000. Do 20 spins with this, you’ll in all likelihood win something big. After 20 spins, elevate the making a bet quantity to the easiest & do 10 greater spins. 

You are greater in all likelihood to register a lot of surprises following this method. Big wins are guaranteed! 

Slot Machine & Bonus Wheel Trick 

Here is any other technique to win the Viking quest cheaply & easily. In this method, we endorse you use one spin at the slot laptop & then use the bonus wheel. 

If you are making a bet regularly & aren’t getting any huge wins, then first press the button & go the slot machine. Use one spin & return to the bonus wheel. Set your wager to medium quantity & begin spinning. 

When you win three or 4 bonuses, increase your guess to the best possible & begin spinning. After each and every one or two spins, you are clearly going to win huge the use of this method! 

Though these hints have labored with many players, it’ll be too a good deal to declare them one hundred percent working due to the fact Coin Master algorithms preserve changing. 

But something is higher than nothing. So, it’s higher to win something the use of these coin grasp Viking hints than nothing at all! 

How to Win More at Viking Quest 

There are distinct spinning modes that get randomly chosen when coming into the Viking quest. There is additionally a precise “winning mode” that will increase the quantity of rewards you get. That mode will supply a win each 2-3 spin. This mode is beginning with three spades. 

To enter this mode, you have to enter Viking room and spin. Check if three spades, if no longer go again out of the Viking quest and go returned in and retry till you get it right. 


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