How to Stop Hair Fall? immediately naturally

If you’ve been losing your hair for a while, you’re probably wondering how to stop hair fall loss permanently. It’s a problem that affects millions of people worldwide, regardless of age.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry because there are many natural techniques available for you to try to regain your healthy head of hair.

So in this I am going to tell you about “How to stop Hair fall”

Some Interesting Facts That You Must Know About Our Hair

Why does our hair fall?

If we were able to find out the real cause of this retardation, then maybe there would be a cure for it. One possible reason that our Hair falls is because of the DHT, which is a hormone produced by the Thyroid Gland and the pituitary gland.

This hormone has been called the Male Hormone which affects our hair loss. The hair follicles are the ones that produce the DHT and once they are affected, then the hair falls out.

One interesting thing about the person who fells the hair loss is that sometimes, it takes some time before you see any hair on your scalp. Other reasons that could be causing why our hair falls out is a deficiency in Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin E. It is also a deficiency of Vitamin C, which causes the hair to be dry and brittle and eventually fall out.

The other main reason why our hair falls out is heredity. If your parents or grandparents have a hair loss problem, then there is a big chance that you will also have it.

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How to Stop Hair Fall?

How to stop hair loss?

The first thing you should do is to control hair fall by using natural techniques. One natural method is the application of Rosemary oil on the scalp.

Essential oils like Rosemary oil have certain properties that promote hair growth. Rosemary oil has been used in Europe for centuries to treat hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

You can apply rosemary oil to your hair after taking a hot shower (with cold water). Gently massage the oil onto your scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Do this once a week for better results. Another way to treat your scalp is to use a teaspoonful of olive oil on it and massage it onto your hair roots.


Massaging olive oil will also increase the blood circulation on your scalp which, in turn, promotes hair growth. You should do this after taking a hot bath (without lathering up) at least once a week.

If you want to know how to stop hair fall, you should pay close attention to your hair care routine. Many people are too stressed out with their hair care routines that they fail to notice their hair getting thin.

For instance, when you’re doing your hair every day, you’re probably taking a lot of time and using a lot of products that contain high levels of chemicals. When this happens, your body often produces too much cortisol, which in turn leads to hair loss. The solution to this hair problem is to make sure you do your hair care routine’s the right way so your body produces less cortisol.

Some people find Rosemary oil to be very effective in stopping their hair fall. To test this, you can simply rub some Rosemary leaves on your scalp.

You should immediately see some difference in the color of your hair and the oils will seep into your scalp. It is said that Rosemary oil helps to fight dandruff and prevent hair breakage. Just make sure that you don’t use too much of it.

So how to stop hair fall? First, you have to identify what’s causing the problem for you. Once you’ve determined the cause, then you can make sure you do your hair care routines the correct way, and you won’t experience any more issues like this one. If you try the solutions above, you should soon notice that your problem is solved.

What is DHT Hormone? Know Its Causes and Effect on Hair Growth!

What is DHT hormone?

It is nothing but a hormone responsible for the growth of hair. This hormone is present in both men and women and its main function is to regulate male and female pattern baldness and hair loss.

Its presence in the scalp is associated with receding hairline, hair loss on the top of the head, thickening and thinning of hair. DHT hormone has various effects on the skin and hair follicles.

DHT hormone has two forms which are DHT- Intermediate and DHT- High. When there is a sufficient level of testosterone in the blood then the levels of DHT start to reduce.

In the case of male hair loss, testosterone levels are declining due to various factors like stress, exposure to harmful chemicals, and poor diet and nutrition. DHT then attacks the hair follicles and causes hair loss.

If you are looking for effective natural DHT blockers then Saw Palmetto is a perfect herb to help. It is found in North American palm and is used to control hormonal imbalances.

It blocks the production in the scalp and hence prevents hair loss. You can use it as a shampoo or in the form of a cream, which can be applied to the scalp and the hair roots. It also helps to balance testosterone levels and promotes new hair growth.

Another effective way of natural hair blocking

Another very effective natural hair blocking treatment is green tea. This herb contains catechin polyphenols which are known to reduce DHT levels.

It prevents hair loss by increasing the circulation of blood to the scalp and hair follicles. Studies have proved that when green tea was used in combination with aloe vera oil, it had a remarkable effect on the hair follicles and thereby improved the condition of the scalp.

Oral supplements like Propecia or Rogaine with its ingredient minoxidil are useful in blocking DHT.

This product is taken orally and it works by blocking the hormone DHT from binding with the hair follicles.

However, it has been observed that women using oral supplements for hair loss had a greater risk of breast cancer compared to women who used oral finasteride. Oral finasteride cannot be used by men because it will reduce the level of testosterone in the body.

Finasteride is the only approved prescription drug that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating hair loss. In addition to treating the symptoms of hair loss, it is also effective in treating androgenetic alopecia, which is the most common cause of hair loss.

Women can use oral finasteride or use a hair omega DHT blocker to prevent further hair loss. There are many hair growth shampoo products in the market today that contain either minoxidil or inhibitors. You can easily find hair growth shampoo products in your local health stores.

What Are Some Good Foods to Prevent Hair Loss?

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from hair loss or thinning hair or searching “how to stop hair fall”, then it’s very likely that you have tried many products and treatments, but none of them seem to work.

This is particularly the case if you have a family history of hair loss. One of the main causes of this is a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Here, I am going to give you a list of foods that have been proven to inhibit the production of DHT, which will hopefully help you regain your hair and stop hair loss.

The best foods to block the levels in the scalp are walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, tomatoes, asparagus, and pineapples. It’s surprising how effective these foods are at blocking DHT production – all it takes is a handful to get started!

The reason why walnuts, almonds, and sesame seeds are so good is that they contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in keeping your bloodstream clean and smooth and reducing the amount of DHT that would otherwise be produced.

The same can be said for tomatoes – they contain a chemical called lycopene, which also inhibits the production of DHT.

Androgenic alopecia

Now, here are a few things about alopecia (or male pattern baldness) that you should be aware of. Male pattern baldness usually only affects sufferers’ heads. But female pattern baldness can affect any person regardless of their gender.

Androgenic alopecia is the leading cause of hair loss in both genders. So now that you know what the best foods to block DHT are, let’s talk about how you can get some.

Of the above list of foods, one of the easiest to prepare and most nutritious is coconut oil.

Because it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), it is easily absorbed by your body, thus helping you achieve fast results. Other nutrients that are commonly found in coconut oil are linoleic acid, vitamin E, and protein. All of these are important nutrients in reducing the blocking foods, and all of them help in making your hair grow back faster.

So, what about those other great foods that are also good DHT blocking foods?

For one thing, strawberries can be eaten. Although they are rich in fructose, which is known as a “base sugar”, they are also rich in antioxidants, which are great at fighting off DHT.

Fruits like watermelon and papaya can also be eaten to improve the condition of your hair. They are excellent sources of Vitamin A, which is a natural hormone blocker.

Another great fruit that you can eat to prevent DHT is watermelon. As mentioned earlier, watermelon contains a lot of antioxidants, which will help prevent DHT from taking over your hair follicle. Some great foods for blocking DHT include apples, oranges, bananas, and kiwi.

There are also certain types of fish, such as tuna and salmon, which are effective DHT blocking foods. If you eat a mixture of foods, you can create a healthy diet for hair loss sufferers.


Just Follow this  Tips You will see a visible change in Your Hair. Till then bye , Cheers

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