Top 3 foods for hair growth

Did you know that there are certain vitamins, minerals and herbs that actually trigger hair growing, instead of shutting off? So get out there and start taking a closer look at what’s going into your body.We have shared the top 3 foods for hair growth

The benefits of hair growing food are clear. If you’re fighting a losing battle against baldness, it’s time to turn to something that works. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated like topical solutions or surgeries. It just has to be the right things that work for you. So what are some of these things?

So in this blog I have shared the best food for hair growth.

top 3 foods for Hair growth

Hair grows because of what is inside of it. There is a little something inside your scalp that actually triggers all of those hair growing hormones. This is the top 3 food for hair growth

Hair growth
Hair growth

Most people just wait and they’re done! But don’t you know there is a lot more you can do with those hormones than just wait and see what happens?

Well, when you feed your body with the proper things it needs to work at its best, you will notice a difference in your energy levels, in your endurance, your focus, and even in your health.

Zinc helps improve the health of your immune system. It also helps to prevent hair loss and encourages proper circulation.

Magnesium on the other hand is very important in keeping blood circulating in your scalp region which leads to healthier hair growth. If you can’t seem to get enough of this mineral, you may want to try supplements containing it.

As for me, I stay away from supplements and eat more natural food. Instead I prefer to buy things like onions, eggs, carrots and other fresh veggies. I also use olive oil when cooking because it’s natural.

So there you have it, the top 4 benefits of hair growing food. Try to avoid processed foods and focusing more on the nutrients that your body needs.

Top 3 foods for hair growth


The green leafy vegetable has a high nutritional content and is extremely rich in antioxidants.  Is spinach good for hair growth?  Yes, here are the different Ways That spinach boosts hair growth:I think this is one of the best food for hair growth


Contain Antioxidant

The high content of antioxidants in spinach helps avoid hair damage and boosts scalp health.

Vitamin Rich

Vitamin C and B are excellent for encouraging healthy hair growth.  They speed up the rate of hair growth by increasing collagen and keratin levels.

Anti Inflammatory

The rich iron content helps increase the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles, so ensuring that they stay in prime health.Spinach has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe an aggravated scalp. 


Eggs that are easily obtainable in many families can be a wonderful inexpensive solution to most of hair-related issues. Some advantages of egg on hair could be. Egg is also considered as the best food for hair growth.


Encourages Hair Growth

Eggs have an abundance of proteins that function as nourishment for hair-boosting its growth.

Restricts Hair Loss

The usage of protein-enriched eggs helps in making the hair follicle stronger. Stronger hair is less likely to break and fall.

Improves Hair Elasticity

It also helps in developing resistance to breakage that might translate into fewer split ends.

First off, there are tons of vitamins and minerals out there that help promote hair growth. One of the most important ones is called Vitamin A.

This nutrient is essential in making new hair grow and maintain healthy hair as well. But did you know that if your diet is lacking in Vitamin A,

your hair might not grow either? So now we come to the other two nutrients found in foods that are good for increasing hair growth: Zinc and magnesium.

3. Grapes

Yes this may be shocking for you guys but this is the best food for the hair growth.This food has a antioxidant property that is very good for the hair growth

Adds Shine

Grapes if eaten on every couple of days then it will boost your shine of the hair that is awesome..


Fosters Repair

Grapes has antioxidant property which helps to stop hair fall and repair the hair follicle and promote hair growth. This ability is great that is the reason it is called as best food for hair growth

Stops Hair fall

Yes but most of you might don’t know that Grapes has the ability to stop hair fall at a certain extent.If you include this in your diet then you will see amazing changes.

If you are planning to use hair fall blocking food as one of the solutions to your problem of hair loss, you should choose only natural things. These nutrients help nourish your scalp and hair, making sure healthy hair growth.

So after reading Top 3 Food for hair growth.Now we will see the Top 3 Food to stop hair fall.

Benefits of Hair Fall Blocking Food

Well, there are quite a number of them and we will discuss some of them in this article. One of the major benefits of such a method is that it helps in blocking DHT,

A hormone that primarily attacks hair follicles resulting in the loss of hair. It is a very good method because it helps hair growth even in the case of those who have previously lost most or all of their hair.

Top 3 Food for Hair Fall

1.Green Tea

Green Tea benefits for hair loss have been well publicized. This is one reason why it has become such a popular herbal treatment for a variety of conditions including hair loss, thinning and baldness.

The polyphenols present in Green Tea have been found to be very effective in blocking the actions of Prostaticin, an enzyme which is responsible for hair loss.

green tea
green tea

Green Tea benefits for hair loss can be traced to its powerful antioxidant content. This makes Green Tea very effective against radicals which can lead to cell damage, and even cancer

While Green Tea benefits for hair treatment are very good, you should always consult your doctor before starting any treatment..

You will get better circulation of blood in the scalp region due to the blocking of DHT by the use of this method. This leads to improved health of hair roots and follicles.


The coconut has long been known to have certain health benefits and this is especially true in relation to the treatment of hair loss.

The coconut can provide a number of nutrients to help improve the health of your hair and scalp but you will also find that it can work well at stimulating hair growth if it is not already there..

One of the best ways to give your scalp the essential vitamins and minerals it needs is to eat more coconut. Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and it can also work as an antiseptic when applied directly to the scalp.


One of the best coconut benefits for hair loss has to do with hair growth and how it can stimulate new growth

You should apply coconut oil regularly and after each shampoo, or even just before you go to bed. This will promote better hair growth which can be beneficial in preventing further hair loss.

If you find that your hair is thinning then it is a good idea to make a switch to using coconut oil and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much further you will see the results.

3.Onion Oil

One treatment that is gaining quite a bit of attention right now is onion oil. You may not be familiar with how it’s effective against hair loss, but it is by far the best remedy for hair loss out there. Onion is the best food for hair growth

It has all of the nutrients necessary to promote healthy hair growth while also blocking the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is one of the main culprits of hair loss in men.

onion oil
Onion oil

What you should know about onion oil benefits for hair loss is that it has been proven in studies to be effective in fighting and blocking DHT. It does this by stopping the nutrient binding action of the hormone on your hair follicles.

Your hair follicles require certain vitamins and minerals each day just like your body, and when you don’t get them, your hair can suffer as a result.

So in this blog I have given everything about top 3 foods for hair growth

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